Unit Title: "Teaching Mom and Dad How to Text"
Grade Level: 7
Unit Summary:
The students will create a step by step set of directions to teach their parents how to use text messaging. They will illustrate this using a choice of powerpoint or podcast.

Essential Question: Why is communication important?
Showcase Overview: Marcy's Powerpoint Unit Overview2.ppt
Presentation/Hook (audience):
Unit Portfolio Presentation.ppt
Pre-Assessment: KWL Chart for Texting.doc
Student Sample:
PPT for Texting.ppt

Wiki (link if sharing site): http://textmessagemom.wikispaces.com/
Student Support Material:

Facilitation Resource: http://textmessagemom.wikispaces.com/

Unit Plan: Unit_Plan_Template.doc

Management Resource: Computer_Rules(3).doc

Tutorial for PowerPoint