Unit Title: Ecosystems: What we do affects the environment
Grade Level: Third grade
Unit Summary:
Students will learn about life cycles and habitats of animals (land snails and crayfish in FOSS unit). Students will compare habitats of animals. Students will explain how the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico effects the habitats of the animals living there. Students will work with a partner/team to prepare a final project to explain their views. Students may create a PowerPoint or other technology medium to present their knowledge.
Essential Question:
How do humans affect the environment?

Unit Plan: Unit_Plan_leavenworth.doc

Flier for parents (explains project based learning): publication.doc
Presentation/Hook for students: Hookintroductiontostudents.notebook
Pre-Assessment for students (and for post-assessment):

Student Support Materials:
Student Sample of Final Project:
Rubric for Student Final Project: Student Final Project Rubric.doc
Management Tool (photo citation): Copyright_Acknowledgement_Poster.doc
Management Tool (final project citation): Primary_Grades_Citing_Example.doc
JITA (CPS or online):

Materials to foster and support self-direction in students:
Self collaboration checklist for working together
: selfCollaboration Checklist—Elementary.doc
Self collaboration rubric for working together: selfcollaborationrubric.doc
Self learning log rubric (for Science Notebooks)
: selflearninglogrubric.doc
Self checklist for post project: selfpoststudentreflectionschecklist.doc

Facilitation Resources:
Wiki to support teacher as facilitator:
Resource to support student learning: sciencenotebookentry.notebook
Google doc to record information: StudentSpreadsheetChecklist

Management Resources:
Management Tool (computer rules poster): Computer_Rules.doc
Management Tool (computer sign up sheet): Sign_Up_Sheet.doc
Flier for parents (explains project based learning):