Classroom Management unit
Staff Development for Teachers
Essential Question
What’s important in running a classroom?
Over view of PBL
Project based learning program2.pdf
Preassessment for Managment intel unit2.doc

Unit plan


Student Sample and templates to create project. - draft form still working on embedding videos within powerpoint.

Student supports to help manage project.

Instructional Plan

Unit Summary

Teachers will research various discipline models and techniques and become experts so that they can teach their peers through Power Point, video, and other technology avenues. The teachers role will be a researcher and presenter of Fred Jones techniques. Their purpose is to become an expert in the area on classroom management and teach their colleagues.

Assessment Timeline---

Self-Assessment checklist: there are three of them.

Presentation rubric

Works Cited

Facilitators guide/ NETS-T

Management piece to help guide teachers through process

Link to the teacher's wiki to find article and templates for projects. It is also a place to discuss amongst themselves to help eliminate some formal meetings as to have flexible time.
SVP classroom managment wiki/blog

I have a google doc created for the message board. This could be used as another intervention strategy before a formal TAT/ST is done. Then you can print and add that to the intervention log in the data binder.